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Formative Assessment


Redwell Primary School are proud to have taken part in the Formative Assessment Action Research Project by Shirley Clarke M.Ed, Hon.Doc.

The most powerful educational tool for raising achievements and preparing children to be lifelong learners, in any context, is formative assessment. The research evidence for this is rigorous and comprehensive. Here at Redwell Primary School we have introduced a number of measures to be successful in formative assessment.

A Learning culture

  • Where children and teachers have a growth mind-set, self-belief, become independent learners, develop meta-cognition skills and the belief that all can succeed.
  • Mixed ability learning, with differentiated choices, so that self-esteem is intact and expectations are high.

Classroom discussion

  • This is central to formative assessment – ‘no hands up’ culture and learning partners discussing questions asked by the teacher and cooperatively discussing and improving their learning and being a resource for one another.

Learning Objectives

  • Clear learning objectives shared with pupils, not necessarily at the beginning of a lesson, but sometimes after their interest has been captured.

Success criteria

  • Involving children at the planning stage to enhance motivation and ownership. Children creating their own steps to success in order to achieve the learning.


success criteria

Effective questioning

  • Effective questioning, especially at the beginning of the lessons, to establish current understanding and prior knowledge.

Striving for Excellence

  • Examples of excellence analysed and shared, before children produce their own ‘product’. This is sometimes referred to as a ‘WAGOLL’ – What a good one looks like.



  • Feedback from peers and teachers which focuses on successes, where the excellence is and where improvements are needed.
  • Cooperative peer feedback I which examples of improvements are modelled via mid-lesson learning stops, so that feedback and improvement-making is immediate and part of the lesson. Sometimes a visualiser will be used to enable this process to be shared.
  • A continual quest to find out how far children are understanding their learning, so that individual and class feedback and the direction of the lesson can be adjusted appropriately.
  • Effective ends to lessons, where learning is summarised and reflected upon.


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