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Learning Partners

We have introduced ‘Learning Partners’ into school as they are a powerful tool to help aid both independent and collaborative learning.  They help to increase the confidence of pupils by allowing discussion and support with each other before answering questions and completing tasks independently. 

Each week, the learning partners change, and this provides opportunities to work with everybody in the classroom.  It enables new friendships to form and allows children to be exposed to a variety of learning styles and preferences.  This also encourages and reinforces our culture of resilience and tolerance. Working alongside different children on a weekly basis builds confidence, which benefits them when they change classes throughout the primary school phase and then on to secondary school.

At the end of the week the children complete a feedback form for their learning partner with positive comments about their successes.  The feedback forms are then collated and kept as a keepsake for the children to have at the end of the year.  It is always lovely to receive positive comments about yourself and the children really have responded well to this in our classrooms.

Feedback from parents state:

“They had noticed an increase in confidence since moving seats and that children have made friends within the class.”

I didn’t know anything about the other children in their class before my child started sitting with them.”

“It has helped my child with friendship issues that they had had in the past as children were not able to form clicky groups and now they have the whole class to enjoy and play with at breaktimes.”

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