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Teaching and Learning (T&L) in the school is at least good.

  • Teaching is consistently good and improving as a result of accurate monitoring, effective appraisal and professional development.
  • The school is consistently developing its curriculum to ensure an increase in depth and mastery. 
  • Assessment is an ever developing area, however RPS is in a very strong position moving forward. We were using our own systems for assessment and moderation. However we have just introduced Target Tracker to increase the ease for tracking and monitoring data across the school.
  • We have worked with the DfE on exemplification materials which has also supported our growth around assessment and moderation.
  • Expectations are very high, this is shared by all staff, governors, pupils and parents. Evidence is shown in T&L monitoring records, analysis of pupil work and data analysis.
  • English and Maths are taught effectively across the whole of RPS, this is evidenced by leaders and through T&L monitoring and data analysis.
  • Every half term a record is kept of the quality of T&L based on ‘drop ins’, data, moderation, work scrutiny, lesson observations, reports from leaders.
  • Through the research of the Workload Review Group we have made changes to planning & our marking. The planning has now decreased in detail but has a more refined focus on the learning. We have changed the marking policy to reflect our use of Assessment for Learning (AfL) which has helped pupils to progress further in their learning and has eased teacher workload.
  • AfL strategies in school are strong, this was a focus in a LA visit in March 2017. Staff were seen using school strategies as well as their own, pupils were highly engaged in their learning and taking control over the direction that their learning took.
  • Subject leaders monitor foundation subjects across the primary. The curriculum is strong, giving a depth to subjects which engages the pupils’ interests.

Ofsted March 2014 said;

Teachers have high expectations for what pupils can achieve and plan work carefully so that it is just at the right level to take pupils forward in their learning.

Children in Reception make good progress and are well prepared for Key Stage 1.

Behaviour in lessons and around school is outstanding. Pupils feel cared for and safe.

This school gives great emphasis to developing pupils’ sense of values, and qualities such as happiness and kindness are promoted constantly and highly effectively. Pupils’ attitudes to each other, to adults and to their learning are consequently exemplary.

Leadership and management are outstanding. The experienced and inspirational Head Teacher has created an extremely effective staff team. Frequent checks are made to ensure teaching and pupils’ progress are maintained at a high level.

Governors are keen to help the school to improve and have much expertise to offer. Their regular visits mean that they know how well the staff and pupils are performing.

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