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Key Information for Parents

The School Day

From September 2023, there will be a change to the start and end of the school day. The school day will start at 8:45am and end at 3:15pm. This totals 32.5 hours per week.

Parents and Carers are asked to respect these times and to ensure that children arrive and leave punctually. Teaching time starts at 8:45am; children will be welcomed into school and should enter school via their class door, and be collected from there at the end of the day. If your child is late, please sign your child in at the school office.


School Money

Please see attachments below for guidance on using the School Money online payment system.

Principles - It is our policy that all children must have full school uniform, worn correctly, for daily attendance at school. We very much appreciate parents' support in ensuring that the children have the correct uniform and attend school smartly dressed. We regard this as a very important factor in the success of the school.

Aims - Our policy is based on the belief that a school uniform is essential to the ethos of our school community as it establishes a clear sense of identity, fosters a sense of inclusive belonging, and engenders both positive behaviour and self-discipline, which in turn supports teaching and learning.

School Uniform

Redwell Primary School Uniform

V neck burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan with the Redwell Primary School logo – Compulsory

White polo shirt (logo optional) No blouses or shirts

Dark grey (charcoal) trousers / knee length skirt / culottes / pinafore dress

Grey socks / tights

Flat black plain shoes (no trainers) /  plain black boots (winter option)

Redwell Summer Uniform (from Easter holidays until October Half term)

As above or

Dark grey (charcoal) knee length shorts

White socks

Red gingham dress


Redwell Primary School PE and school trip uniform – No jewellery on PE days

Plain school hoody with the Redwell Primary School logo – Compulsory

Plain white t-shirt (logo optional) / RPS Values T-shirt

Plain black shorts

Plain black joggers/leggings

Trainers or plimsolls – EYFS / KS1 / KS2


The school permits children to wear a watch alongside their uniform.  However, if this is a smart watch, all notifications must be disabled whilst they are in school. 

ALL COMPULSORY SCHOOL UNIFORM/LOGO ITEMS INCLUDING BAGS MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE FROM Karl Sports, Kettering (school shop selection) – order to be paid online and will then be delivered to the school for collection.

In addition to the above the school prohibits;

  • Tattoos
  • Nail polish
  • Large hair accessories
  • Extreme hairstyles or hair colours
  • Jewellery other than 1 small stud / sleeper

We request that;

  • Long hair is tied up
  • An appropriate coat is worn, along with hat, scarf & gloves for the cold weather
  • All uniform is clearly named

If you receive Pupil Premium you may use your £100 allocated funds to purchase uniform. Please contact the school if you are having difficulty providing correct uniform and need assistance.

Uniform Affordability Statement

Health, Safety and Security

We take the subject of school security very seriously, and issues relating to security are continuously under review by the Head Teacher and other staff, the Local Committee, the Nene Education Trust Head of Facilities and the site supervisor.

We do our best to ensure that all external doors from classrooms and into the covered area are locked against intruders during the school day. We also secure site gates between the hours of 9.15am and 3.15pm. Access for parents and visitors is through the front gates only.


To comply with the Health Act 2006 and in the interest of health and safety, the school site is a “smoke free” environment.


For health and safety reasons, the Governing Body has declared the school site a dog free zone (except guide dogs).


For the safety of the children of the school, parents’ cars must not be brought into the school car park. If you need to deliver your child by car, please respect these simple safety points:

  • avoid parking on the zigzag lines
  • avoid turning in the school entrance
  • be considerate to our neighbours and avoid parking across their drives
  • if parking at the Leisure Centre, please respect the ‘staff only’ and disabled bays

Our Road Safety Heroes will be promoting safe parking practices.


The school recognises both the health and environmental benefits of cycling and wishes to promote safe cycling to school. The Governors’ policy is that a child should not cycle to school unaccompanied unless he/she has successfully completed the ‘Bikeability’ Level 2 Award (this is only available to children aged 10 or over). Other children should only cycle if accompanied by an adult. Cycle stands are available on school premises and it is recommended that all cycles be locked to a stand.

We advise that children should wear a helmet which conforms to current British Standards, and high visibility garments are recommended. Cycling is not permitted on the school premises.

Health and Welfare

There will be times when you are not sure whether to send your child to school. The principle should be that you look after your child at home if they are unwell.  Is My Child Too Ill for School?  School staff cannot administer medicines unless they are prescribed. Prescription medicines will only be administered to children with chronic illness e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc. Individual cases should be discussed with the Head Teacher.

In cases of sickness and diarrhoea, children must not return to school until they have been clear for a minimum of 24 hours.

In the event of minor illness during school time, children will be looked after in school whilst we make contact with you. Minor injuries are dealt with when they arise but it is essential that the school have up to date details as to where parents can be reached in any emergency. This information needs to be revised when you change your address, job or telephone number.

It is essential that we have a minimum of 2 up-to-date emergency contacts.

Head Lice

Responsibility for the control of head lice lies entirely with parents, though help may be sought from the Children & Young People’s Specialist Health Nurse or from the Family Practitioner. 

As there is no longer a regular check for head lice, parents are asked to:

  • try to prevent head lice by combing their children’s hair every night
  • examine their children's hair each week
  • treat head lice or their eggs promptly
  • inform the school 
  • respond to "head check alerts" by thoroughly checking their child's hair
  • keep long hair tied up

School Meals

Children can bring a packed lunch to eat in school at lunchtime, can have a pre-ordered hot meal, or they may go home for lunch.

Children going home to lunch should not return before 12.55pm.

Packed lunches should be sent to school in a labelled container and drinks should be in a plastic container, not a glass bottle or can. For your child’s safety we do not allow hot or fizzy drinks. We advise the inclusion of an ice pack in warmer weather. Children are encouraged to eat whatever has been provided. We ask that you provide a straw for drinks and a spoon for yoghurts. We are unable to accommodate warm food or cooked mid-day meals from home.

As a number of pupils - and staff - with severe nut allergies, we request that nuts and nut products are not packed in lunch boxes - this includes food such as marzipan, Nutella and peanut butter products.  

Our “Nut-Free Policy” means that the following items should not be brought into school:

  • Packs of nuts
  • Peanut butter or Nutella sandwiches
  • Fruit and cereal bars that contain nuts
  • Chocolate bars or sweets that contain nuts
  • Sesame seed rolls (children allergic to nuts may also have a severe reaction tosesame)
  • Cakes made with nuts
  • Any home cooked meals for packed lunches that are made from nuts



Each class eats their lunch in the hall or their own classroom under supervision.

If you receive Income Support your child is entitled to a free school meal; application forms are available from the school office.

Free School Meals Website

As part of the NNC hot school meals scheme, we also offer hot meals in school.

Pupils in Reception, Years 1 and 2 in state-funded schools in England are eligible for free school meals (UFSMs). The legal requirement on schools is to provide a lunchtime meal that meets the School Food Standards. As such all pupils in Reception and KS1 are routinely offered a hot meal option which can be ordered on-line through our hot meal provider 'Fresh Start' (see link below).


Hot meals need to be ordered in advance and we have partnered with Fresh Start from September 2019 to order meals and enable online secure payments to be made.

Visit Fresh Start

General Enquiries

For general enquiries, please contact the school office at

SENCo: Fiona Hoskins

Assistant Principal: Sara Nimmo

Vice Principal: Dulcie Sharpe

Principal: Claire Head

Chair of Local Committee: Amy Patterson

Our Address

Redwell Primary School,
Barnwell Road,
Northamptonshire NN8 5LQ