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Pastoral Support

At Redwell Primary School we aim to offer the right support, at the right time to remove barriers, empower and promote learning and wellbeing for all.

The wellbeing of our pupils, their families and our staff are important to us and we have a dedicated team offering support.  They are:


The role of the Pastoral Support Team is:

  • To provide support that meets the differing needs of all children so that each child is equipped with the skills to cope with life.
  • To support and work alongside parents in addressing pastoral concerns impacting on their child’s learning and development.
  • To work with staff in ensuring good pupil support and build upon the caring and respectful relationships that exist between staff, pupils and families.
  • To provide support for individual children; listening and talking to children who may need support in a variety of pastoral issues, for example, self-esteem and confidence, bereavement, managing feelings, anxieties/worries, separation and developing social and friendships skills.
  • Responding to situations as they arise within school.
  • To encourage pupils to recognise and reflect upon our school values.
  • To work with a range of stakeholders such as parents, support staff, outreach agencies and other schools to ensure the continuity and progress of individual pupils.

What we can offer?


  • Time to talk and share your concerns. 
  • Shared problem solving and sign posting. 


  • Individual or small group sessions (usually 20-30 minutes) tailored to individual needs.  These can be fun and might include role-play, puppets, board games, art and craft, therapeutic or social stories and of course time to talk.
  • Regular wellbeing check in's.
  • Gaining the voice of the child and their thoughts, ideas and opinions.


How to contact us?

Pupils – any child in the school can ask to speak to a member of our Pastoral Team if they have a problem or a worry at school or at home.  They can do this by either approaching the team or by asking a member of staff.  They can also put a worry in their class worry monster or the worry box outside the pastoral office.  There is also a virtual worry box here: 

Parents/carers – if you have a pastoral concern regarding your child then you can contact the pastoral team by:


phone: 01933676040 or by speaking to your child’s class teacher

School staff – a request for Pastoral Support form can be completed and then action will be taken depending on the pupils needs.


General Enquires:

For general enquiries, please contact the school office at

SENCo : Fiona Hoskins

Assistant Principal : Sara Nimmo

Vice Principal : Dulcie Sharpe

Principal : Claire Head

Chair of Local Committee : Amy Patterson

Our Address

Redwell Primary School,
Barnwell Road,
Northamptonshire NN8 5LQ